Chapter Nine

Mansfield University was home to a literary magazine called Edge City. It went defunct for several years before being resurrected when I was a senior.

I was very excited. I hadn’t published anything since high school and wanted to feel that rush again. I had been working on some poetry writing courtesy of a website called “The Magnetic Fridge.” It was a site reminiscent of Magnetic Poetry, but you could put your poems online. I loved that site and spent more time that I really should have piecing together and posting poems.

I submitted one of those poems to Edge City and it was chosen for publication. I called it “Coffee Cafe.”

smart chick

alienated by academic loneliness

eyes a bohemian slacker

poring over Nietzche

amid the rich aromas

of cinnamon and amaretto


she eases up to him

and despairs as he

kisses the pretty waitress


About Nichole R. Beltz

Self-published author and professional photography hobbiest...striving to find my fifteen minutes of relative obscurity...
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