Chapter Six

How many stories have I lost?

This question popped, unbidden and unpopular, into my head last night as I pondered where to go next in my lexical journey. From “A Christmas Story” I intended to transition to what is now going to be Chapter Seven (“The Broken Prom Promise”…I know; you can hardly wait.).

But then, I paused to think. A dangerous and often counterproductive task. Follow me on this one:

Hmm…I wonder if I did any writing between eighth grade and my junior year. I must have, right? Let’s see…Oh, yeah! I did that independent study project on horror stories! I must have done five or six writings for that! And I don’t have any of them any more…Well. Crap.

Yeah, it was something like that. I went on a horror kick one year…(Okay, truth. I love horror and suspense and have been hooked on both since my Scooby Doo days)…

Anyway, as part of this independent study project I did one year, I decided to write some horror stories. Except I got lazy and procrastinated, so it really became snippets of horror stories. Then, to fill out my fluff, I compiled excerpts from some of my favorite horror stories and novels. Pretty lame. I’m surprised they even gave me a passing grade. I amped it up in the following years by doing computer animation and oil painting. But I digress to toot my own horn…

So, I don’t remember most of what went into that type-written sheaf of papers. I do remember, however, that I did some of my writing while obsessed with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and after reading Stephen King’s first Gunslinger book. The reason that I remember is that I married the two in a story of a gun-slinging vampire.

And you know, now that I write that, I wonder if maybe it’s best that some writings are lost and gone forever from this world…


About Nichole R. Beltz

Self-published author and professional photography hobbiest...striving to find my fifteen minutes of relative obscurity...
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